Don’t Resist What “Is”

There Is No Good Or Bad News, Only What You Think About The News

Our opinions, judgments, and thoughts about things many times are not based on facts and reality. A woman had a son who was "set up", 100% innocent, yet still sentenced to 10 years in prison.
The facts and the reality are: The boy was set up; he is 100% innocent; he is serving a 10 year prison sentence. That is the reality. Arguing with reality (or the absolute facts), and condemning the Universe for this reality will always cause you pain.
Wishing that the Universe made things happen differently (the way your mind THINKS it SHOULD have happened) will also always cause you pain. See things as they are without judgment. Be neutral about things.
There is ultimately no good or bad news, only news. It is YOU who decides if news is good or bad. What YOU perceive as good news, others may perceive as bad news. Accept more. Relax more. Take life more lightly. Be more cheerful. Go with the flow of life. This will reduce your suffering.
Much love,