Doubt vs. Knowingness

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Many people ask, "How do I find answers to my own questions and really know that I am in fact getting real 'downloads' or knowledge from the collective Universal Field or the collective consciousness? How do I know that the 'beings or entities' or people that are on the council/mastermind that I created in my imagination are giving me real accurate answers?"

First, some people cannot even look within for answers, they feel like they have to look to external sources. They are constantly asking others for answers to their questions. Those "others" could be mentors, leaders, Gurus, teachers, authors, people in authority, those with more education or in positions of power, friends, relatives, or even psychics, astrologers, etc.

Then there are other people who have a hard time asking anyone for answers, yet still question their own intuition. These people are constantly in a state of "unsure and lack of certainty". These are all common issues. Sometimes people are afraid to ask questions for fear of being embarrassed for not knowing something or maybe fear that they would be asking what appears to be a dumb or stupid question.

Some do like to admit that they do not know or understand something. This can be from inner beliefs of inferiority, unworthiness, or simply feeling "not good enough", or intelligent as others.

All these issues "go away" when one does the training in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. This course virtually 'releases' all the underlying issues that cause all these insecurity issues. You may develop a constant state of 100% Certainty! You are totally fearless. You never second guess yourself. You are completely confident and have a level of security that you have never had before.

This can be you.

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