Explain more about the "Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center", Anti-Aging therapies offered on board, and Medical and Dental Services.

The Ship’s Natural Cures Health and Wellness Center will be absolutely state of the art. It will offer the latest, most advanced treatments from around the world for health, Anti-Aging, and the “curing” of illness and disease. Many of these treatments are not available in the USA. 

All kinds of preventive care will be offered such as B.E.S.T treatments; chelation; homeopathy; sound and light therapy; chiropractic; alphabiotics; I Ching instruments; energy healing; ayurvedic; nutritional and herbal treatments; traditional Chinese Medicine; live cell therapy; oxygen and ozone therapy; vitamin and mineral treatments; chelation; bioidentical hormone therapy; and much more.  

All the cleanses mentioned in the book “Natural Cures” will also be offered including: colon; liver; gallbladder; spleen; heavy metal; parasite; Candida; full body fat cell; lymphatic system; deep tissue; fascia (Rolfing), virus and bacteria flushes; and much more.

The SHIP will also offer the world’s best and most advanced whole food nutritional supplements, many of which are not available in the USA.

The Ship will have a full “Emergency Room” staffed with Medical Doctors, Surgeons, Nurses and all required staff in case of medical emergencies. This will also be a full “sick call” center to handle any and all normal and routine health issues that may come up. All therapies including Alternative/Natural remedies as well as standard drugs and surgery will be offered and used as appropriate. 

The SHIP will also have full dental emergency services and do “cleanings”. 

Everything a person needs medically will be offered on the SHIP. If the SHIP medical staff and facilities cannot handle a particular medical issue, passengers or crew who need further or more specific care will be taken to world class medical care centers when the SHIP is in a port of call. If there is a severe emergency, then helicopter service can be used and the patient airlifted to where they will get the best medical care.