Face Your Fears

Learning To Overcome Your Fears By Facing Them

You must face your fears and confront what worries, concerns, or gives you distress. 

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Example. General Patton feared being shot right between the eyes. Yet in the movie, “Patton”, there is a scene during an air raid where Patton jumps in the middle of the road and faces off with a plane shooting right at him! He yells and challenges the plane, "Shoot me right between the eyes!"

All great leaders confronted their biggest fears and overcame those fears...and turned those fears into their greatest motivators. Patton loved being in battle. He DEMANDED he be sent to the front lines! He craved what others were afraid of and were trying desperately to avoid. 

That is how I see it as well.

Many people think they would hate to be going through what I am going through now...being in jail and facing 18 or more years in prison and having all your money and every material possession taken away from you. 

I, on the other hand, LOVE THIS adventure! I LOVE IT! Trust me when I tell you....I WILL be at the top and I HOPE to see YOU at the top as well! 

You can do it too! 

Much love!