Facing The Long Road Ahead

Great People Who Do Great Things Also Have Great Tragedy At Times

Don’t feel sad for me.

I am far from sad. 

I am so happy, more than ever! 

The reason I am so happy is I knew long ago that this would probably be coming for me. I chose it. I accepted it. I was preparing for it. I was welcoming and embracing it. I was looking at it as an adventure, a challenge, and an experience that would make me a better person and release abilities that I would have never been able to release unless I experienced this situation.

All great people in history have gone through tragedy and/or devastating times in their lives. Many went to prison. In the Bible, Joseph was thrown in prison for over 7 years. Read the Book of Job in the Bible...think about Mandela, Gandhi, Chavez, even people like Steven Jobs.

Great people who do great things have all had major tragedy. Health issues, bankruptcy, losing all material possessions, family problems, having their businesses taken away, being put in prison etc.. 

Think about and read the stories of Onassis, Pat Robertson, Walt Disney, Colonel Sanders, Ray Crock etc. The list goes on. 

This road is not for everyone and most people should NOT choose this road. But you all will benefit from the road I have taken…

Much love to you all,