We Have Nothing To Fear, Except Fear Itself

One of the main reasons people do not achieve their dreams, and one of the main reasons people have chronic back pain or other physical problems is that they live in fear. Yet, these people do not know this and cannot be convinced of this truth. 

I know a person who has chronic back pain and other health issues. She smiles and laughs all the time. She is pleasant to be around and seems very upbeat and positive. But, within there is constant fear of things turning out "bad". She thinks of what she does not want to happen. She "worries". 

Worry is thinking about what you do not want to happen. It is negative goal setting. When you worry about "consequences" you are projecting those things into existence, OR that negative thinking produces health issues and most commonly, chronic back pain. 

As the late President Roosevelt said "we have nothing to fear, except fear itself". Think about that. You have NOTHING to fear in life! NOTHING. The ONLY thing to fear is FEAR. Being fearful is the worst thing that you can be. 

Think about this.

There is never, anything to fear.....EVER.

I know. 

Much love,