Feel Good

Change Your Perception To Feel Good Now

I am rereading "Ask and it is Given". 

WOW! It was totally rewritten since the last time I read it! 

LOL Sound familiar!?

If there is one book any of you should read and reread, this is the book! 

In your life, the only important thing is to feel good now. People might judge you and your situation and say… "look at the poor guy in that terrible situation", but they do not know how you feel. 

You might be in total bliss.

When I go to "boot camps" for weeks at a time, I "suffer" every day.  Little food, strenuous exercise, deprivation... but I LOVE every minute! 

My current situation is the same. I am loving every minute and am feeling sooooo good! 

Use your GIN training and feel good NOW... no matter what! 

You can do it!

Much Love,