Feel Good To Get What You Want

When You Focus On Sadness Or Any Negative Emotions, You Stop Your Dreams From Manifesting

Here is a secret to manifesting. Here is the secret to getting everything you want. When you miss someone or something, you feel “bad”. That vibration stops the things you want to come into your life. 

Remember, ideally, you need a majority of your vibrational composite to be that of love and appreciation. So when I think of someone not with me, I do not “miss them” and feel “sad” (bad). I feel great love, appreciation, and thankfulness for getting to know that person, spending time with them, and having them in my life. So when I think of them… I feel “GOOD!”. 

When I think of my family or my dog, I do not “miss them” and feel bad… I feel so excited thinking about seeing them again! I feel love and appreciation for the fact that I WILL, at some point, see them and be with them again and feel love and appreciation FOR them. So when I think of them, I feel… ”GOOD!”. This is a little distinction that will make all the difference for you! Think about it!… Feel good NOW!