Feeling Bad

Negative Emotion Is Caused By Not Accepting What Is

Feeling off is caused by several factors which can include:

the weather (barometric pressure; how much sun; wind; humidity/ among other factors)

nutritional imbalances

hormone imbalances

astrological cycles


where we focus our thoughts


When we feel the need to try to figure out the root of it, that means we are resisting it. If one totally accepts it and allows it to flow, we could care less WHY we are feeling the way we do.

The ultimate key is to know YOU are not your body and NOT your feelings.

We say things like “I am angry, or I am depressed, or I am sad”.


It would be better to say, “I am FEELING angry. I am FEELING depressed, etc”

Such as “My body aches today.” You don’t say “I ache today”. It is your body that aches. Not YOU.

A step further would be to say “My body and mind are feeling sad today but I am not suffering”.

We do create our reality. That really is what the body and mind experience. It is NOT what the SELF experiences IF you are anchored in the knowing of the SELF.

Having any negative emotion is simply caused by not accepting what IS. Negative emotions are caused by RESISTING what IS.

That is GOOD for a moment, because it can help you clarify what you want.

But then, once you do that, simply surrender to what IS.

SO the formula is this:

When you are feeling “bad”, simply accept those feelings and fully embrace them rather than resist the feelings. KNOW you are NOT your feelings. 

Look around at your situation and decide what you want to change that would make you feel “better”

Accept what IS fully and embrace it

Allow the current negative feeling to fully bloom and then RELEASE those feelings. Let GO of those feelings instead of HOLDING ON TO THEM.

Learning to “like” to feel bad is the release point. Thus, you feel bad but never suffer. And, in time, you just stop feeling bad because you are not “afraid” of feeling bad.

Sending you lots of love,