Finding Balance

Accept What Is And Give Gratitude, Then Put Forth Your Desires Out Into The Universe

A Question sent to GuruKev:

I felt that I had been moving ahead, progressing, increasing vibration, and seeing fantastic results by the end of 2019. In the last 3 months of 2019, I had made 60% of the 2019 turnover with my company. These 3 months helped me compensate for an extremely poor beginning of the year.

There have been clients coming to me and asking for services, something which was not happening before. Still, I feel I have never enough.

The 2019 turnover was just sufficient to serve me a modest monthly salary throughout the year. This is already great but I want more. I would like the trend to continue, so I continue to focus and strive for more.

And this is where my first challenge is, I believe.

Striving for more means leaving the present moment.

Striving for more means not being happy with the current situation.

In the Level 1 through Level 6 lessons, you say that the ideal situation is wanting more but being absolutely satisfied with the current situation.

So my question: If I want more, this makes me go away from being satisfied.
And being satisfied takes me away from wanting more.

How do I find the balance?

GuruKev’s Answer:

Finding balance is first being in the “now”.

Accept everything as it is. Embrace it and know it is all “divine”.

Be happy with all you have now and fill yourself with gratitude and appreciation.

Be thankful for everything. Feel blessed with whatever you have.

THEN, in that beautiful state of satisfaction, with a smile and joy in your heart, send forth your desire for more.