First Seek This

First, Seek Inner Peace And Happiness, Then The Material Things You Desire Will Manifest

Happiness. Inner peace. The feeling that everything is perfect. The joy of experiencing the ecstasy of connection and oneness with another.

Would you like these things? We have all experienced them from time to time. But, they are not lasting, are they? They are temporary.

We know these feelings and emotions are real, but they are missing from our lives. In truth there are very few people that are anchored in these feelings.

But there ARE those highly evolved people that live in this state ALL THE TIME, no matter what the external conditions of their lives are. 

Seek FIRST this inner peace. Seek FIRST happiness and joy. THEN all the material things you desire will manifest in your life faster and easier than ever before. 

Soon, when we meet, this inner state of feelings of perfection will awaken in you. You are close to
attaining what you desire. Keep your eye on your dream. 

Much love, 

Your friend,