Getting Things Done

Do These Three Simple Steps And Be Known As A Person Who
"Gets Things Done"

Many people have a hard time getting started on projects. They procrastinate.

Many people also have a hard time keeping focused on a project and never “finish the cycle”.

Procrastination can be cured by simply scheduling activities. You schedule something by writing it down on your daily “to do” list, and on your calendar. What gets scheduled, gets done. 

This is based on the axiom: Plan your work, and work your plan.

The cure for your inability to finish jobs, “finishing the cycle”, getting things actually done, is to measure the results of your actions and “chart your progress”. 

Managing everything by statistics is the key. Use charts. 

Having these charts on the wall so that you can see them every day is what makes them work. 

Thus the axiom: What you measure, gets your attention and thus gets results. 

Knowing the target, the specific goal and measuring and charting the movement towards that target, will keep you on track and help you get things done. 

You may want to build a barn. A year from now, there is no barn. 

The solution is:

1.) Set your target, your ultimate end result that you want to attain: A completed barn.

2.) Schedule the first step toward building a barn. Perhaps that first step is to put stakes in the ground and string out the location of the barn. Write that down. Schedule actually doing that. What you schedule gets done. Set a time to start and FINISH that one small step.

3.) Put up on your wall a graph, with “Barn built and complete” at the top. 

Every time you do something that gets you closer to your goal, put that completed task on the chart. 

Do this the way you want. Basically, all you need is something to look at, that shows the target, and shows how close you are getting to the target.

Do these simple 3 steps and you can be the kind of person who is known as a person who “gets things done”. 

If you are this type of person, your whole life will be better. 

Much love,