Giving Creates Inner Joy

When We Give, We Release And Let Go Of Fear, Lack And Wanting.  Allowing All The Good Feelings To Come Into Our Lives

A secret to living is giving.

When you do something for others or for a cause, without any thought of personal benefit or recognition, joy explodes from within. 

Ancient texts say, “Do the work that comes to you-but don’t look for the results. Don’t be motivated by the fruits of your actions.” Doing anything with “selfless” dedication, no matter how mundane the work or action, will give you inner bliss. 

Doing any action with the thought that you are doing it and dedicating it to “God”, will produce miracles in your life.

Therefore, every day you have been given a gift and an opportunity to produce “magic” in your own life and release the inner ecstasy that lives within you always. 

Much love,