The Secret To Living Is Giving

The question I get asked the most by people who don't know me very well is:  "How did you get so successful so fast, without any education, starting with no money and having no connections?" 

I am humbled to get this question. It is asked mostly because of the well-established fact of the billions of dollars in sales that my companies and the companies and products I have been associated with have generated. People want to know how I made so much money so fast. 
Once people get to know me, the most common question I get is:
"How are you happy all the time and have this unearthly sense of calm and peace? It seems like nothing ever bothers you?"

The answer to both questions is "Compassion and giving". 

Compassion is having the knowingness that everyone on planet earth deserves to be happy and should never have to suffer. 

Giving is more than just giving away some money. It is living the expanded version of the "Golden Rule".

Do to others as you want them to do to you.

Talk to others as you want them to talk to you.

Talk about others as you want them to talk about you.

Think about others as you want them to think about you.

A few books that best share my "Secrets of Success" include:

The Diamond Cutter

Karmic Management

The Go Giver

The secret of living is GIVING. 

The most important thing you can give away is LOVE. 

Love everyone without condition and without exception. 

Forgive everyone without condition and without exception. 

No one is a "saint" and therefore, no one can ever perfectly apply this philosophy. Do the best you can.

Even doing a little more than you are doing now with "giving", will produce amazing positive results in every area of your life. 

You CAN have it all... health, wealth and happiness. 

Much love,