Go Faster

Let Go Of The 'Fear Energy' By Letting Go Of Wanting To Control Everything In Your Life.  This Allows The Universe To Move You Forward, Faster

Most people operate in fear mode. 

They are afraid of failure, fear criticism, and are nervous about making wrong decisions.

Most are afraid of what other people will say or think. 

Most people think of everything that could possibly go wrong.

This leads to people moving very slowly and cautiously in life, as fear of all the possible “bad things that could happen” dominates their thinking and stifles their movements.

This is mainly due to the fact that most people have:

1.) a deep seated conscious or unconscious need to have control of the people, circumstances, conditions, events and situations in their lives 

2.) a deep seated conscious or unconscious need for security and to feel safe

3.) a deep seated conscious or unconscious need for approval, acknowledgment, affirmation, and love
Thus people hate change and hate “expansion” because change and expansion in their lives threaten the above “needs”. 

People hate doing anything that could lead to a perceived loss of control, or loss of their imaginary sense of security and safety or what would appear to be loss of approval, affirmation or love from others.

People like the way things are, the status quo. It feels comfortable. They feel “in control” of things. They feel safe. They are not dealing with any rejection. 

People fear change of any kind and fear moving fast in life because people want to avoid possible “pain”. 

Mario Andretti, the famous race car driver once said, “If everything seems under control, you are probably not going fast enough!”  

Think about this for a moment. 

Now, answer this question out loud: What do you want to control in your life? 

Answer that out loud before you continue reading. 

Thank you. 

Most people want to control everything in their lives such as their spouse, their kids, their boss, their neighbors, or such things as the economy, politics, the news and almost everything else.

People also want to control things not even directly impacting their lives such as the way other countries operate, how people act or live in other countries, what religion people in other parts of the world should follow, and even what kind of politics are followed in other countries. 

The list of things you consciously and subconsciously want to control can be staggering. 

The solution to this “fear” energy that is holding you back from experiencing happiness and making your dreams come true is to release and let go of your need or “wanting” to control. 

Allow things to simply unfold. 

Allow people to be, and accept them as they are. 

Surrender to the will of the Universal Infinite Intelligence (God; Consciousness). 
Don’t resist “what IS.”


Care, but not that much!

And most importantly, don’t be afraid to “go a little faster” in life and push the imaginary “limits” you imposed on yourself. 

In fact, stepping out of your current comfort zone and “going a little faster” is the real antidote that will cure you of fear!

It is OK to let things get a little “out of control” as long as you have “given it all away” to SOURCE and have faith and trust in Source, knowing that all is well and you can’t “get it wrong anyway”.

When you can allow things to be a little “out of control” in your life, such as in your relationships and business, and you embrace that natural ever changing state of the universe, not only will you be less stressed and much happier, all your dreams will manifest in your life faster and easier than ever before. 

You will be in a state of allowing. You will be receptive to receiving. 

You will become “fearless”. You will have more courage. You will be more powerful.

I know these Truths from personal experience in my life, and from knowing personally the experiences of hundreds of others. This is not just some intellectual academic theory.

I teach how to do this in The Science of Personal Mastery Course. I have taught this to others, and you can do it too.

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Do so, and I know you will never be the same!

Much love,