Growing Your Business

Be Obsessed With Your Customers' Experience, See Everything Through Their Eyes And Focus On The Smallest Details

If you have a business and want it to grow and be more profitable, consider this interesting fact.
Companies that focus on the “Customer Experience” and “See Everything Through the Customer’s Eyes” enjoy the most success.

This is clearly evidenced in these 2 prime examples. 

Wal-Mart and Apple.

When Sam Walton was running Wal-Mart, he would spend over 90% of his time walking around both his own Wal-Mart stores and his competitor’s stores.

Sam actually spent more time walking around his competitor’s stores such as SEARS, Kmart and Target (it was said that Sam knew more about SEARS than the President of SEARS!)

Sam was OBSESSED with experiencing his stores (and his competitor’s) just as the customers were. Thus he was constantly making improvements to his stores based on his observations and personal experience of the entire customer experience down to the smallest details. 

This was documented in Sam’s autobiography as well as biographies written about him. It was also verified by past senior executives and employees who worked for Sam Walton.

The KEYS here are:

being OBSESSED with and focusing on the SMALLEST DETAILS in both his stores and the competition’s stores

being OBSESSED with improving all those small details to make the customer experience better and always be in a state of constant and continuous improvement.

Steven Jobs at Apple was the same way.

He was OBSESSED with how the customer was going to experience his products. In fact, he was so obsessed with the smallest details, he would spend hours staring at his computers, touching them, and looking at them from every angle.

He was even obsessed with the texture and color of the box the computers were packed in!

He also was so fanatical that he demanded that the INSIDE of his computers be designed as beautifully and elegantly as the outside, even though very few customers would ever look inside.

When asked why they should spend the extra time, effort and money to make the insides of his computers look as good as the outside when no one would know the difference, Jobs said, “I will know the difference”.

If you want your business to grow, consider these axioms:

Be OBSESSED with your customer’s experience. 

See everything through your customer’s eyes. 

Focus on the smallest details. 

Know how your competitors treat their customers, even better than they do.

Constantly be improving the customer experience.

Your business should be your all-consuming obsession and the thing you LOVE more than anything in the world. 

When you and your business are “one”, that magnificent obsession will produce magnificent results.

Much love,