Little-Known Information On The Gurus Among Us And A Rare Type Of Guru

Are all great sages, holy men, "Masters", enlightened SELF Realized beings, and Guru's from India? It may seem that way. Soon, you will see truly "enlightened Masters" emerge from all over the world. 

Although a public genuine "Guru" is still rare, there are many fully SELF Realized beings all over the world. But when one becomes "one with the Universe", 99.9% of those people never "go public" with their "attainment". Only a very few are "destined" to be a public figure and whose role is to help others on their path. 

Even more rare is the enlightened Master who also helps people attain material success. The Master that teaches how to attain financial prosperity, as well as inner peace and bliss, is rare indeed. 

You live in a material world, enjoy it and embrace your sense pleasures. Enjoy food, sex, and material "things". Enjoy your body and everything in the physical universe. Simply do not look to these things as the "source" of inner contentment and bliss. 

Be in the world, but not of the world. Enjoy everything, while still being detached from everything. This way, you CAN have it all! I will see you on the beaches of the world. 

Your friend,