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GuruKev Is Very Selective With Which Books He Recommends, So Pay Attention To This One

I get hundreds of books sent to me from supporters like you. I read them all. VERY few get my endorsement or recommendation. 

The reason I don’t recommend most of these books is due to the first rule of success: Who do you listen to? Remember, listen to someone who has what you want and has been where you are. 

Most of these books are written by people who never made any real money in their life and have not attained stable inner peace. They are not rich and they are not enlightened.  Therefore, when I read their books, I can tell instantly most of it is coming from EGO. They are telling you what they “know about”, not what they “know”. The information might sound good, but there are essential and critical missing pieces. 

On occasion, there is a person that keeps his ego out of the way and just allows “SOURCE” to flow through him. Esther Hicks is such a person when she allows “Abraham” to flow through her. Thus her books are 90% pure TRUTH.

In the past year or so I have recommended the following newer books: The Diamond Cutter; Karmic Management; The Go Giver; The Sedona Method; The Untethered Soul; and The Surrender Experiment. 

All these are 80% or better TRUTH without the ego filtering the information.
Now I want to highly suggest you read “A Happy Pocket Full of Money” by David Cameron Gikandi.

This book is about 90% pure! The author is a beautiful soul from Kenya. He keeps his ego and his personal “beliefs” out of the way.

It is a wonderful book and an easy light uplifting read. It has it all. It does not come from HIM, his mind, his intellect, or his ego, it comes from SOURCE. It is VERY good. Highly recommended. 

If you get it and read it, please share your comments here and other places as well. 

Much love, 

Your Friend,