Enlightened Masters Throughout History Have Had Some Common Challenges

Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, even Mother Theresa, all had a huge percent of people who hated them. Yes, even Mother Theresa was hated! In almost all cases, these people were hated by those in "power". Politicians, the media, the "establishment" all hated these "enlightened masters", and the masses hated them as well.

Most all Christian "saints" were put to death or shunned. How could you kill a "saint" if you knew he was a saint? Almost all Eastern "holy men", sages, Guru's, and "masters" were laughed at, attacked, and vilified. Many were imprisoned. Most saints and "masters" were never known by the masses when they were alive, because they were rejected by the masses when they were alive. 

Buddha and Jesus were rejected by the masses when they were alive and were known by very few. Both Jesus and Buddha were hated and rejected by the majority of people they met! People used to spit at Buddha and call him all kinds of insults and terrible names. 

Think about this. Today, there are great beings living among us. There are "saints" walking our streets. There are enlightened and SELF Realized masters among us who are "teaching" others and transforming people's lives. 

But as it has been throughout history, very few people realize and can see who these great beings are. One thing is for certain, all great beings are rejected by the masses while they are living.

Wake up. Pay attention. Be aware. You just might be standing next to a "Master"! In your awareness of this, YOU will be positivity transformed in ways that defy comprehension. 

Much love,