Hidden Truth

Many Cultures Throughout History Share A Story About Where TRUTH Is Hidden

There is a similar “story” told in almost every ancient culture around the world. This “story” is almost identical, yet it is in the writings of cultures that never “met”. These include the Sumerians, ancient tribes in India, African tribes, Aboriginals of Australia, the Inca’s, Mayans and Aztecs, and the Hopi Indians of North America, just to name a few. 

The “story” goes like this:

In the beginning, the Creator (God) created all mankind out of himself. Man was not separate from God, but actually a “part of God” and thus fully God himself. 

God made man “forget” who he really is. 

Man then felt alone, and started “looking for GOD”, his creator, outside of himself. 

Man knew he “came from God” but felt “separated from God”, and was desperate to “commune with” and “return to God”.

The Creator (God) said to his angels that man must learn the “secret TRUTH” about who man really is, only after he experiences “life” and only when he is “ready” to know TRUTH. 

God said he therefore wanted to hide from man the secret TRUTH that everyone is simply an extension, expression and aspect of God the Creator himself. Thus every man creates their own reality, as each man is one with, and not separate from God. 

The angel the eagle said, “Give the secret to me. I will take it to the moon. Man won’t find it there.”

God said, “No. One day, man will go there and they will find it.”

The angel the salmon said, “Let me hide it. I will bring it to the bottom of the ocean. Man will not look there.”

God responded, “No. Man will look there too.”

The angel the buffalo said, “I will bury it deep in the earth on the great plains and hide it well.”

God said, “No. Man will dig deep and find it there for sure someday.”

Then the Archangel, with no physical attributes, made this suggestion, “Lord, hide this secret TRUTH inside of man himself. Surely, man will never think to look there.”

God smiled. “Yes. That will be the last place man will think to look for me – within himself. Man will not realize that I live in him, as him. He will only seek me there when he is truly ready for this realization.”

Remember friends, God or whatever you choose to call The Creator, the Universal Field of Consciousness, or Infinite Intelligence, resides within you, AS YOU. 

Much love and may you never be the same.

Your friend,