Hide & Seek

The Game That Is Played By Children Throughout The World Has A Deeper Meaning

A Universal "game" played by children around the world, without exception, is hide and seek. This is our natural inner state when we are incarnated in a physical body. 

This world is a play of Consciousness, created BY Consciousness for its own enjoyment. Everything is an extension of the ONE Universal Consciousness called by hundreds of names including GOD.

The "game" that God established is that he "hid" himself in plain view of everyone. We, not realizing that we are in fact an extension of God, seek to find him somewhere "out there". God plays hide and seek with himself. 

This is ultimately the game of life. Just as the Musk Ox searches the world to find the source of the scent that he himself is emitting, people search the word for "God" or to find "oneness" or "connection", when all we have to do is look within. 

Much love,