GuruKev Explains His Miraculous Personal Experience With Classical Homeopathy

Back in the early 80's, I had a medical problem: a severe Hiatal Hernia.

I was told that surgery was required and that ONLY surgery would correct the problem.

I heard this before about my deformed heart (from birth). In that case, I was treated out of the USA with Live Cell Therapy, and my "incurable" heart condition was completely cured. So, I knew that a Hiatal Hernia, no matter how bad it was, could possibly be "cured" by natural means.

I went back to the Doctors who used Live Cell Therapy to cure my heart condition. They said that Live Cells "might" help, but they suggested I first try "classical homeopathy" and use a "constitutional" energetic remedy at a very high frequency. They believed that the hernia was caused by an "energetic" imbalance. So even if the live cells DID cure the hernia, the root cause would still be there and would manifest in some other medical condition.

They theorized that the heart condition was also caused by this same energetic imbalance. This is why, after curing the heart issue with live cells, the hernia manifested, since the underlying energetic issue was not addressed.

So, I went to a Classical Homeopath. I filled out the longest questionnaire you could imagine, asking me all kinds of questions. Not only questions about my physical condition, but about my childhood, my emotions, the traumas and disappointments I had in my life, events that caused me embarrassment, my fears etc. etc.

It took HOURS to fill this out. The Doctor said to come back in 3 days, so he could review all my answers. When I met with him 3 days later, he interviewed me, asking more questions based on my answers to the questionnaire. This interview took over 3 hours! When we were finished, he told me to come back in 3 days so he could review everything.

3 days later, I was back in his office. Based on all the information provided, and his extensive experience, he gave me a "constitutional remedy" that would address deep root cause energetic imbalances. Not only would this "cure" my hernia, but many other "emotional" issues, and "blocks" would be blown out as well.

I was told that not only would I feel physically better, but also, my mental and emotional states would be much better. AND that "everything in your life is going to get better".

I took the remedy for 3 months. During this time, I really did not notice much. At the end of 3 months, I went back to my Medical Doctor (who did the X rays and diagnosed my hernia). He did another set of X-Rays. He was SHOCKED! NO hernia! He simply said "Impossible".

Over the next few months, I DID notice other "changes" in my personality, emotional and mental states, and overall feeling of well-being.

Classical Homeopathy is POWERFUL. IF done right, by an expert.

Consider Classical Homeopathy.

Much love,

Your friend,