How are the Gym and Recreational areas going to be different and better on FREEDOM?

The GYM on FREEDOM will be MUCH bigger than on any other ship, and offer much more state of the art equipment. There will be no comparison between our GYM and gyms on other ships. 

In fact, our GYM will be better than almost any GYM on land, not just on ships. Our recreation areas will be much larger, there will be many more of them with more options and offer much more recreational activities than on any other ship. 

We will have MANY more exercise classes for people of all fitness levels. Classes will include aerobics, yoga, stretching, Kung Fu, Martial Arts, Tai Chi, Chi Gong, CrossFit, boxing, high intensity training, state of the art vibration plates, rebounders and much much more. All taught by world class instructors and personal trainers. Getting in shape and keeping fit will be a major focus on FREEDOM for those who are interested.