How "It" Works

The Unique Way That GuruKev Learned So Much About The Concepts He Is Now Teaching

In the early 1970's I used to watch the TV series, Kung Fu. I went to the library and read everything I could on Kung Fu.  That led me to yoga, Tai Chi, Chi kung, Ki, Japanese Ju Jujitsu, the Tao, Transcendental Meditation, hypnosis, Dianetics, homeopathy, Scientology, subliminal programming, sleep programming, the Vedas, and lots more.

I read everything on yoga and all those subjects and just loved it all... the science of the mind. I really don't think there are very many people who have studied this subject so in-depth and into so many diverse areas. Not psychiatrists, psychologists even Yogis. Some people are experts at yoga but have not looked at, studied, or tried anything else. They have a singular focus and only know what they have been taught in that single discipline.

Also... most people say things like... "I have 20 years' experience in working with the mind".

NO... they have 1 year of experience repeated 20 times.

Meaning that most people learn a little in the beginning, by reading some books, or going to some seminars. They take everything they read and hear as FACT...and then just stop learning anything else. They just apply what they have been taught...stop asking questions....stop challenging status quos.... and repeat like a parrot what they read or heard. They don't have REAL personal experience and "knowledge".

They KNOW ABOUT... but they really don't KNOW.

I am very lucky. And unique in this. When I talk to "Guru's" they know almost NOTHING about SO many therapies or methods being used to improve people and train the "mind", such as Scientology, or the Callahan discoveries, or The Sedona Method, or Dr. Morter’s Bio-Energetic Synchronization Technique (BEST), etc. 

When I talk to experts in Scientology or B.E.S.T or Sedona or Mary Millers I Ching Instruments etc, they know NOTHING about meditation, prana, Yoga, TM, Chi kung, Tai Chi or the Tao or any of the other therapies for example. 

These "experts" are all so limited in their understanding. They think that THEIR thing is the ONLY thing that "works". But they don't even know what else is out there producing results and they don't really know how the mind works anyway. They "think" they know, or they know that they really DON'T know how the mind works at all, but don't care (learning is TOO much work, too much time, and too much effort for them).

When a person has ALL this information (or A LOT of this information)... he is MUCH better at really understanding how everything "works" with mind and in life. Why success or failure happens. Why a person is sad or has negative emotions or is full of joy. Why some people are lucky and others so unlucky.

Then when you combine this with actually being separated from the mind and being able to LOOK at it and SEE how it works from a point of observation, you have total clarity and knowingness.

This puts me in a very blessed position and a unique one as well. This is why, when I "treat" people (in person, on the phone, in seminars, my books, and Courses, audios, etc)...the results are SO fast and SO powerful.

I am not "married" to any one particular "method". Every person is different, and every issue is different. What works perfectly and instantly for one person, might not work so well with someone else. Think about this as you continue on your journey toward personal transformation, self-improvement, and increased consciousness. 

Your friend,