How to Have a Dream That Will Never Come True

The Difference Between Dreams That Come From The Higher SELF And Dreams That Come From The Small Self (EGO)

Most of us have dreams and goals. We all desire and want “things”. We all want conditions and people in our lives to be a certain way.

If you notice, what most people “dream about” or “wish for”, never materializes. 

People often tell me that their dreams are not manifesting in their lives. They want to know what they are doing wrong. 

The fact is most people who have huge dreams are delusional.

First, when you “care” that your dream is not manifesting, that means that it cannot manifest. You are in a state of “want”. You are coming from a place of “need” and “lack”. You are not “happy now”. You think that you will be “happy” only when you get what you want. Thus you are “unhappy” that your dream is not manifesting.

With this kind of vibration, your dream cannot manifest. 

If you feel like asking some “Guru” why your dreams are not manifesting, that means you are frustrated or full of doubts. You have not “released” the outcome. You have not surrendered it to the Universe. You are attached to a particular outcome. Thus, it cannot manifest. 

The root cause of this phenomena is that your dreams, in these cases, are coming from the EGO and not from the Higher SELF. 

Thus, a person is delusional. They are stuck in the “EGO”. 

If you have a dream, look at the dream, the “what you want or desire”, and follow this checklist:

Why do you want this dream to manifest? What are you going to get out of it when it manifests that you do not have right now? The answer should be that you get nothing out of the dream coming true that you don’t already have now. You want the dream to manifest because it is in alignment with who you really are, and in fact, you don’t care if it manifests or not.  You are just following your path.

Does the dream make you above others such as YOU being #1 or “the best” over other people, or superior to others, or in charge of others, or that you are right and others wrong? Only the EGO wants this. 

Does your dream put you in control over how others live, how they think?

Does your dream create circumstances in others’ lives that you think should be or have others live in a way that YOU think THEY should?

Does your dream make you feel secure; safe; in control; accepted; wanted; loved; affirmed; respected; admired; looked up to; needed; wanted; better than others; unique? Only the EGO needs these things. 

Does the dream allow you to decide FOR OTHERS what is good or bad; right and wrong; allowed or not allowed?

Does your dream make you feel more separate and independent or more connected to others?

Does your dream make you feel attached to “things” or certain people or conditions?

Does your dream make you feel important or special?

These are all indications that your dream is coming from the “small self” (the EGO) and not from the HIGHER SELF. 

Thus those dreams are hard to manifest, and even if they do, you will still feel miserable. They will not quench your inner thirst. 

Remember the axiom: Those who seek riches will never be satisfied with riches.

J. D. Rockefeller (the richest man in the world at the time) was still trying to make more money as he was on his deathbed. A reporter saw this and asked him “How much more money do you have to make sir?”

Rockefeller’s answer was said with sadness, “Just a little more”. 

He died still needing to make more money thinking that “just a little more” would give him the inner peace he ultimately sought.

When you have a dream that comes from the Higher SELF, you don’t care if you ever get it. 

This dream will always see others are equal to you in every way. This dream will always see others are DIVINE. 

This kind of dream is about OTHERS, not yourself.

This dream will never want to make everyone “enlightened” or make others a certain way. It will always allow others to evolve as they desire and as they are destined to evolve. 

If everyone was Enlightened, the Universe would cease. There would be no need to have a body, as all karma would be gone. When ALL karma is gone, the Universe ceases to be. 

All existence is the play of consciousness, it is karma unfolding. It is ALL beautiful and DIVINE. The Higher SELF sees the perfection in the imperfection.

Everyone must evolve at their own pace based on their level of consciousness. 

Therefore look at your dreams with love. With understanding and patience, see if your desires are coming mainly from the small self (EGO), or the Higher SELF. 

Gently work on making your dreams come mostly from the Higher SELF, and you will attain an increase in your consciousness and awareness. Your vibration and frequency will go up. You will “want” less. You will be happier now. You will “need” less. You will be more satisfied right now. 

And, surprisingly, you will attain more of your goals and dreams faster and easier than ever before. This is because you are not attached to the outcome, and your “Dreams” will be coming mainly from the Higher SELF. 

I once played in a tournament. Everyone wanted to win the prizes of food and drinks. I easily won the tournament. Immediately I was given massive amounts of prizes with everyone watching. 

But I did not care about the prizes. I was happy the moment I started the tournament and was no happier even though I won the tournament. I just smiled, enjoyed the experience and gave away to everyone present, all the prizes. 

All were amazed. But what made me really happy was giving the prizes away, not winning the tournament.

They were playing for the prizes. I was playing because I loved the game. 

They wanted the glory for themselves. I wanted to share the winnings with others. 

Those who play for personal glory, usually lose. Those who play for “God, country, community, family” or some “higher calling” have a better chance of winning. 

In my tournament, everyone playing wanted desperately to win. I did not care if I won or not, I just enjoyed playing, and if I did win, I enjoyed the thought of giving it all away. 

Have your dreams come from the Higher SELF. The Higher SELF needs nothing. When it has a dream, it does not “need” an outcome. When it has a “dream” it is always for the highest good for all concerned. 

Thus, follow that dream. Otherwise, you will have a delusional dream that will never come true. 

Much love,