How To Manifest Your Desires

The Proper Way To Use Thinking, Feeling, And Doing To Manifest What You Want In Life

If you want to manifest your desires in life and be blissfully happy consider these facts. Your feelings are the vibrations that you are sending out into the ether that attract what you want in life. The actions you do while feeling good create great results. 

With this in mind think of this. Your thoughts affect how you feel and how you act. So, it is important to "think good thoughts". However, your feelings affect how you think. So you should work on "feeling good" so you can think good thoughts. Your feelings also affect how you act. If you are feeling bad, you do not "do" the actions required to achieve what you desire. 

But wait, there is more! How you act (the physical things you do) affect how you think and how you feel. So even if you feel bad and are thinking negative thoughts, by ACTING AS IF you feel good, you start to actually feel good and then start thinking good thoughts. 

This is the AS IF principle. However, in life most people "think" a thought which in turn determines how they feel. How they feel then determines how they act and what actions they do or do not do. Those who can control their thoughts thus control how they feel and how they act. Thus they control their vibrations and what they attract in life. 

You can control how you feel many ways including using the AS IF principle. Dale Carnegie said it best "ACT enthusiastic, and you will very soon FEEL enthusiastic". But there is an even more powerful level. Most people think with the "head" or their mind. Wizards however "think" with their "heart" or feelings. 

When you can learn how to "feel" first even before a thought or an action, you can create any thought and action you want. You then become a true magician that can conjure up anything you want anytime you want. Since you control your feelings, you always feel content, satisfied, and fulfilled. You always experience bliss in addition to being able to manifest things quickly and easily.

You can have, be and do, whatever you desire. You simply need to learn "how". 

Much love...