Humility #1

The Real Definition And Explanation Of Humility

If you are a humble person, you will always feel good. If you practice the art of genuine humility and make it your nature, you will always feel good. Most people however misunderstand humility. You are truly humble when you have no sense of duality but rather come from the perspective that everyone and everything is an extension of the same ONE Source. 

When you do this, you first realize that you are a pure extension of the ONE perfect universal consciousness (energy). Thus, you cannot see yourself as "low" or inferior, or inadequate in any way. On the contrary, you see yourself and know yourself to be Divine, to be magnificent, to be "perfect". You see yourself as the absolute highest in every respect.

Then, you see everyone and everything as absolutely EQUAL to "you". You see everyone and everything as an extension of the same ONE Source in the exact same way that you are. Seeing yourself as the highest and seeing everyone else as equally the highest is true humility. 

This is Namaste: The same Divinity that is me, bows with respect to the same Divinity that is you. This is true humility. This is truly being humble.

It is having equal vision and understanding. It is knowing that you are magnificent and everyone else is equally magnificent as well! Namaste everyone! 

Much love,