Humility #2

Finding The Balance Between Being Humble And Confident

There is much confusion about "humility" and being "humble".

One line of teaching says: 

be super confident

believe in yourself

put no one above you

know your own divinity and greatness

that you have supreme dominion over your life and world

it is ok to be a little bit of a "Prima Donna". 

The other line of teaching says: 

be "humble"

don't be a braggart

never put yourself above others

never think you are superior to others

never look down on others thinking they are less than you or inferior to you.
If you know the meaning of the words and phrases used above, both lines of teaching are saying the same thing.
Let's go through this:

Super confident. Nowhere in the teachings on "being humble" does it say "do not be confident". As a "humble person,"  you can and should have supreme confidence in yourself. Having high self-esteem, and a positive self-image is congruent with being "humble".

Believe in yourself. Being humble does not mean "do not believe in yourself" or feel inferior to others.

Put no one above you. If you put someone "above you", that is not humility, it is denying your own worth. Being humble means you should not put yourself above others. "Lower" yourself so that you are at the same level as others, or a different way to look at it is to raise others to "your level". In reality, everyone is the same extension of God's love and light. Just as God is love and light, so are you, and everyone else equally. The only difference in people is the way the extension of God is expressed. Being humble means seeing the same Divinity that is in you, in everyone else as well. You do not see yourself as "superior" to others, and no one is superior to you. You see everyone as "God" sees everyone, equally perfect in their imperfection, and Divine.

Know your own Divinity and greatness. Being humble means this as well, but additionally, a humble person knows that everyone else is the same, as they too are Divine and great. This does not mean you think of yourself as "higher" than others. 

Acknowledge that you have supreme dominion over your life and world. Being humble means you know this as well, and you know everyone else is the same as they too have supreme dominion over their life and world.

It's OK to be a little bit of a "Prima Donna" at times. Being humble does not mean you put yourself down or think of yourself as lower than others. You do see yourself as what you really are, an expression of love and light, the ONE love and light that is all things. So you DO see yourself as the "First Lady" (this is what Prima Donna means in Italian, so if you are a man, you see yourself as the First Man), BUT you see everyone else as FIRST as well. Equal vision. 

Don't be a braggart. A humble person will not brag, because most bragging tends to make one appear superior to others. Humble people see all equally.

Never put yourself above others. As stated, a humble person does not see themselves "less than" others, or inferior to others, nor do they see themselves as better than or superior, or "above" others.

Never think you are superior to others. Humble people DO see themselves as "great", just not "greater" than others. Humble people do see themselves as worthy, deserving, and entitled, but not more so than others, but rather equal to that of others. Truly humble people usually see more in others than those people see in themselves.

Never look down on others thinking they are less than you or inferior to you. As you see, humble people know who they really are, and know who everyone else is as well. When you have all the power, and you know others have not realized the same power that they have, you are compassionate, understanding, and "humble" to all. You have a sense of certainty, and knowingness, and supreme confidence without any arrogance nor a "know it all, I am better than you" attitude.

When a person is "on their high horse", thinking they are better than others, conceited and arrogant, it is because they have low self-esteem and are filled with "fear". 

The person with a poor self-image actually has an inferiority complex, feels he is not worthy, not deserving, and not good enough. This person will put on a "show" of superiority and try to put himself "above" others. He will try to always make himself right and others wrong. 

He is constantly criticizing, and judging others. He is pointing out others’ weaknesses and how he is better, smarter, and "superior". He talks loud and he talks a lot. He acts like he knows everything about everything. 

This is the person who has to "come down" (thus the meaning of humility of bowing or lowering yourself) to the reality that everyone is equal as we all have "perfection" in the way we are an expression of the creator. 

Everyone has been the one who deep inside feels inferior, not good enough, and not worthy of love. We have all, deep inside, feared being rejected, not accepted, and not "wanted". We have all felt that we did not deserve the best life has to offer. We felt ashamed, "guilty" and embarrassed by some of our actions, words, and thoughts. 

When the veil that has been hiding the Truth of who you really are is lifted, even to some degree, you see, and experience your SELF as the pure expression of love and light, thus not only worthy of love, but that you ARE love. That is all you are, love and light. This brings a sense of absolute worthiness, acceptance, and the knowing that you are unconditionally loved at all times.

Thus being humble is NOT bowing down to others, making yourself or thinking of yourself as lower or less than others. 

Being humble is NOT thinking you are inferior to others, and others are more worthy and superior to you. 

Being humble is NOT being a servant to others, it is rather "serving" others as Jesus, Buddha and other "Masters" did. 

There is a huge difference between being a servant and "serving". 

When you "practice" being "humble", it is a way to lift the veil that is hiding TRUTH. 

The axiom says: You do not sing because you are happy, you are happy because you sing.

Thus "do" the "process" of "acting humble", and soon you will "be" humble. 

When you do, joy will spring up within you and perpetually bathe you in the elixir of bliss. 

You are loved because you are love.

Your friend,