Humility And Attaining Your Dreams

The Magic Behind Using Humility To Attain And KEEP Your Desires

If a person wants to attain their goals AND be happy and fulfilled, AND not “lose” what they attain, then one must be “Humble”. 

The first indication that a person is NOT humble is when they ask for advice or ask a question of their “Guru” and then argue that the advice or answer is wrong!

People can ask their mentors, teacher, or Guru for advice or the answer to a question. However, those who are not humble, in reality, are not looking for advice or an answer to their questions. They are looking for affirmation and validation of their own views. They are looking for approval. They seek praise and admiration. They want recognition. They desire acknowledgment for being “right”. 

This is an indication of low self-esteem, a poor self-image, or low self-confidence. It can also indicate the person suffers from delusions of grandeur (which is really a symptom of low self-esteem). 

Don’t feel bad if this is you :):):). MOST very successful people go through this phase. You are in very good company!

A person may think he is:

an elitebetter than others

smarter than others

superior to others

more evolved than others

more conscious than others

more talented than others

has a higher vibration and frequency than “normal people”

If one really truly believes these things, that person actually can attain many goals and manifest their desires very effectively. Their “confidence” and “belief” in their abilities may actually be supremely high thus they can be excellent “creators” and “manifestos” of dreams and goals. 

However, since these people put themselves above others and see themselves as “higher” than others, they will always be unfulfilled and unsatisfied. Additionally, whatever they achieve will crumble and in some way be “taken away”. This is because the underlying “fear” and low self-confidence vibration takes over the “facade” of the fake high self-confidence.

A person who thinks he is better or “higher” than others because he has read more books, attended more classes, and does more “spiritual work” is delusional. 

A person who thinks he is more evolved has a higher consciousness, is more aware, and “special” is delusional.

This person is highly insecure, has very low self-esteem and a poor self-image. This kind of person is anchored in duality and is eons away from enlightenment.

A person who is totally enlightened sees everyone as pure Divinity in expression. They see themselves that way as well. But they have an EQUAL vision. They KNOW that everyone is exactly the same. They come down off their “high horse” and bring everyone else “up” so that all are at the same level. 

They KNOW they are not in any way “different” or special or elite. This is pure humility. This is complete consciousness.

Read more about “humility” in other GuruKev Lessons. This is ancient wisdom and knowledge that can transform your life into one of happiness and joy.

Much love,