Instant Happiness

What it is like to be effortlessly happy all of the time

Nothing “out there” or external will make you happy and feel secure but it sure appears or seems that way! Happiness and security is ultimately a choice, and comes 100% from within. 

It appears that attaining things brings you a feeling of security and happiness. Things like money, success, a car, a vacation, a lover or relationship, another person, a good job or boss or business etc. etc. It seems when you attain or acquire your desires, when things are going “well or good”, you feel happy and secure, and when you “lose” these things (your lover leaves you or you lose your job or all your money), you feel sad and have fear to some degree. 

When you “realize” that you can actually BE happy and FEEL secure ANYTIME, ANYPLACE and regardless of the conditions or situation, spiritual goals (such as awareness and enlightenment) become a prime focus instead of trying to attain material possessions or “get or gain” something. Living in total integrity and 100% responsibility is your priority and new standard. The results are you are happier than ever in your life and feel more secure than ever and you do GET all “things’ you want anyway! 

Imagine being INCAPABLE of feeling any negative emotion to any significant degree or duration! No matter how hard you try! No matter what the situation, circumstances or current condition, you are experiencing no matter how “bad” it is! Imagine no fear, sadness, depression, stress, anxiety, jealousy, guilt, grief, anguish, anger, rage, hate, despair, hopelessness, shame, regret etc. etc. Imagine at all times feeling various degrees and intensities of love, happiness, bliss, joy, peace, security, contentment and serenity. 

Imagine seeing only the “good” and “beauty” in everything and everyone without even trying! Imagine seeing the gold in everything and everyone effortlessly and automatically as it simply is “there” and presents itself to you. Imagine feeling grateful, thankful and appreciative “all the time”… without trying! Hmmmmmm. Interested?! This is an “ability” you have and I can show you how to “release” it as I have done! 

Much love,