Instant Joy

A Simple Change In The Words You Use That Can Change The Way You See Things And Make You Feel Better Throughout The Day

There is a simple way to instantly feel better and increase your happiness, bliss, peace, as well as your power and ability to manifest. Eliminate the words "I should; I have to; I must; I need; I need to." Replace them with: I choose to; I have the option to; my mild preference is; I might; If I choose to, I could; I may decide; it is my pleasure to.

If you did this for just ONE day, you would feel a power that you never knew you had. You DO have the power to choose. You DO have the power to create. You can feel and have total freedom. YOU control your mind and thoughts. Do not be deceived into believing that your mind and thoughts control YOU and your emotions. No matter what, YOU always have complete dominion and supreme authority over your experience, your life, your emotions, your world, and your universe. 

You ALWAYS have the power to CHOOSE. You and only you decide what you will or will not do and what you will or will not think about. YOU are one with the omnipresent power (Source; Universe; God) that is invincible and has absolute unlimited abilities to be, do, and have anything and everything you CHOOSE to include in your experience.