Is Everything Alright?

Information On What It Means To Allow Or Let Go

When a person says, "Everything is alright", or "It's all good" it should NOT mean things are as you think they should be.

What it should mean is that you realize that even though things may NOT be as you want them, or as you THINK (in your ultimate wisdom) SHOULD be, you KNOW that EVERYTHING is:

an expression and extension of the one Universal Intelligence 

just a "play of consciousness"

a "perfect" expression of that ONE Consciousness

there are things off the radar screen that cannot be seen and if you did, you would understand that everything is actually working out perfectly for the ultimate good of all "in the long term".

So, you "know" that everything is "alright", "all good", and "working out as Divinely guided". 

You are at peace with what IS, and not resisting what IS. 

You trust and have faith that the Universal Intelligence knows more than you and knows what is ultimately best for all.

You have stopped trying to "control" everything. You have "surrendered" to the Universal Consciousness.

You have released fear, uncertainty and doubt. 

You are in a state of "allowing". 

It means that you might still be experiencing "contrast", and experiencing something that you really don't want or like. But you have "stepped back" a little, detached yourself a little from it, and become a witness or observer in a way, to what you are experiencing. 

From this new wide-angle viewpoint, you might not fully understand 'why' everything is happening the way it is, but you "know" with an inner feeling of peace, that all is working out in ways for your highest good and the highest good for all. 

Saying "all is good", does not mean that you "do nothing" to change what you don't want. You may be actively involved in trying to change things into what you desire. But, you are not resisting what IS. 

This teaching is revealing "subtle" "fine lines" in techniques that will both make you feel good, and manifest your dreams. 

Meditate on this teaching. Play with it in real life. Read the books: The Sedona Method; and Letting Go (by Hawkins). 

Enjoy the journey, the game of life, and the play of consciousness that you are a part of. 

Remember, you are all the "actors" in this play, and you are also the writer and producer. You are also the audience! 

Much love,