Is He Enlightened?

How to know if you or someone else is enlightened

Here is a question that comes in very often: How do I know if I or someone else is enlightened (self-realized; God-realized; self-actualized)? How can I tell and how can I be "sure"? What if someone told me that they were enlightened, how would I know if that is true? Maybe they just "think" or "believe" they are "enlightened/god-realized» but are actually not. How do I know for sure if I, myself, am "enlightened"?

Answer:  For yourself, it is simple. If you have any question about your self-realization, then you are not. 

When you lose the ego and mindfully, the "veil" lifts, and you know and experience your oneness with Source, you are fully enlightened. Those who are, simply know, without any doubt. The experience is pure, true, and without comparison. 

The experience of full god/Self-realization can happen all at once, as in a quantum leap from 0 to 1000. 

The experience can also occur over a series of "steps" as you shed more and more of the mind and ego. The "veil" might be lifted all in an instant or slowly over time. The "final" breakthrough is infinitely clear. The bliss and inner joy are beyond human comprehension, words, or description. 

Here are some of the things experienced by those who are enlightened:

In most respects everything is the same, as you still have a body, karma, a mind (which is needed to operate with a body), your personality, etc. The difference is YOU (the SELF) is separate from all that. YOU are witnessing (looking at) your body and mind experience "life". YOU are witnessing the mind (personality) go through emotions and karma. YOU are in a constant state of "bliss" which is separate from what the body and mind are experiencing.

YOU can "see" everything as it really is. You "see" people and things not as the eyes see them, but rather "light" and energy, all connected and all "one".

YOU "see" past, present and future simultaneously, thus you see the "whole" and see the perfect light, love, and perfection of everything

YOU have a total sense of "being", not "doing". While your karma, mind, personality, and body might still be "doing", or achieving, YOU are without desire.

YOU are not your body or mind. YOU sense yourself as non-physical. YOU look at and see your mind and body. The body can experience "pain", but YOU do not. The mind can experience "emotional pain", but YOU cannot, and you do not.

There is much more. In future posts, I will give more information about how you can tell if someone else is "enlightened".

I can assure you of one thing. This state, once attained, surpasses in every respect all other desires, wishes, and wants. This is the Ultimate. This is everything that can be attained in not only this life, but eternally. 

Much love,