It seems like the Residences are small in size?

Living on the ship full time is like you are “sharing with other Residents” the “Largest Private Mega Yacht in the World”. 

Your residence is really just your bedroom in a MEGA MANSION at sea, and includes a bathroom, balcony and private sitting area. You will not “live” in your Residence. You will “live” on the entire SHIP. Your SHIP is enormous. It is a floating village. It is bigger than any Mansion you could be living in that you would probably be sharing with many other family members. 

Think about living in a large 30,000 sq. foot Mansion with many other family members. Everyone living in the Mansion would have their own private bedroom and bathroom. Each bedroom would be relatively small, in comparison to the size of the Mansion. Each person living in the Mansion would simply have as “their own”, a private bedroom with private bathroom and small sitting area. Perhaps a desk. 

But no one “lives” in their bedroom. They “live” in all the rooms that are in the Mansion and open to everyone else who lives in the Mansion. This is the same idea as living on the SHIP. For complete and total privacy, simply enjoy your “Residence”, your “Cabin”, your private luxury “suite”. 

This is the same idea as when you go on a business trip or vacation and stay in a hotel. You really only sleep in your hotel room. You spend very little time in your hotel room, which is really just a bedroom.  You spend most of your time at meetings, in restaurants, in entertainment venues, socializing with people, sight-seeing, working at the office, shopping, visiting museums etc.

In the “Residence” section of the ship, there will be private “Resident ONLY” areas such as the “Living Room”, private dining room, “Reading Room”, private pool with Jacuzzis, sauna and steam rooms, private elevators, and much more. When the deck plans are released and 3D models made that you can see online, you will be blown away. Residents will be living like “Billionaires” or Royalty.

As a Full Time Permanent Resident, you have VIP access everywhere on the SHIP, because YOU will be treated as one of the “Owners”. There will be plenty of places for personal privacy for those who like “time alone” or solitude.