Judging Others

The Difference Between What Someone Looking From The Outside Might Assume And What A Master Is Acutally Experiencing

People have a tendency to judge how others choose to live. This is hindering YOUR dreams and desires from manifesting into your life. You may look at someone who has a life and experiences YOU would not want. You may think they are suffering. Yet they do not complain. YOU assume they are suffering in silence or are in denial. But a true Master does not suffer at all. They do not complain about their condition, experience, or circumstances because they ARE NOT SUFFERING! And they know they created them, and they can change them anytime they want! 

They KNOW they are simply experiencing a set of circumstances and conditions that they created and chose. YOU would call it insufferable, but THEY are loving the adventure, thrill, excitement, and exhilaration of living life as they choose. They see the perfection in their condition. They love it and appreciate it as it is THEIR creation. 

For me, as an example, I have created exactly what I wanted. YOU do not know MY desires, wants, and dreams. But I can tell you I am exactly where I need to be for the manifestation of my desires. I have created the PERFECT workshop where I can focus my mind and thoughts and create the next phase of my life. When I was in prison, all I had were my thoughts. I will show you, that with thoughts ALONE and NO action, you can magically create YOUR perfect life as YOU choose it to be. 

When your Dream is bigger than YOU, you will be given the gift of seeing energy and seeing things from a broader perspective and with a different perspective on TIME. Seeing things from this viewpoint, you get ECSTATIC beyond words because you see everything as a final completed perfect result, better than you could have ever dreamed! I see this. I know this. You can too! 

Hint...think about over 100 million people around the world knowing this training... vibrating at a high level of love and peace...each one positively affecting hundreds of other people... hmmmmm.

The best is yet to come! Harmony and Peace and Joy!