Keep Learning

A Story About A Martial Arts Student And His Master That Demonstrates The Importance Of Always Learning

A 10 year old student went to a 50 year old Kung Fu Grand Master for training. 

For the next 10 years the student studied everyday with the Grand Master, for over 8 hours a day, most times 12 hours or more. 

After 10 years, the now 60 year old Grand Master said to the now 20 year old student, “You are by far my best student. I have taught you everything I know. There is nothing more for me to teach you. Go.” 

After 10 years passed, the now 30 year old student returned to the Grand Master, now 70 years old. 

The student asked if he would be given the honor of fighting the Grand Master so he could show him that he truly did master all that he was taught. The Grand Master agreed. 

For 30 minutes the 70 year old Grand Master fought the much faster, stronger and younger 30 year old student. The student was virtually beaten senseless by the Grand Master, who did not even work up a sweat. The student was bruised and beaten badly. 

He said to the Grand Master, “Master, you said you taught me everything you know. But today you fought me using techniques and methods you did not teach me.” 

The Grand Master responded, “When you left me, I did not know these methods and techniques. I learned them in the years you were gone. Obviously, in those years, you learned nothing.” 

This story teaches us a lesson. Always be learning. Always be growing. If a “Grand Master” does not know it all and can still learn more, surely YOU can still learn more as well. Go to the Recommended Book, Audio and Course List for suggestions.

Much love,