What Knowingness Is, How To Get It, And How
To Use It To Create Your Reality

You can consciously use your thoughts to create a vibration and frequency that will be broadcast into the "ether". Your "broadcast" will then attract into your reality matching vibrations. This is the Law of Attraction. 

When you "attract" into your reality vibrations, those vibrations will then manifest into their physical equivalent. This is how one "manifests" their desires. 

BUT, if you don't have enough "voltage", your broadcast will be weak. This makes your "attraction" power weak. This means you usually DON'T manifest what you want, or it comes very slowly.

You CAN increase your "voltage". 

This comes from KNOWINGNESS. 

Knowledge IS power (or voltage). I am not talking about academic knowledge. I am talking about KNOWINGNESS. This comes from "experiencing" TRUTH. This happens when you are exposed to TRUTH, and when one who KNOWS Truth transfers their awakened energy or life force to you. 

This is what happens to people who are going through The Science of Personal Mastery Course. I encourage you to become a student of this home study correspondence Course. 

Email and ask for information on how to sign up for the course.

Do it, and I know, I will see YOU on the beaches of the world. 

Much love,

your friend,