Kung Fu

GuruKev Discusses The Masters That He Learned Kung Fu from And How You Can Start Learning As Well

Many of you know I have trained for many years with my dear friend and teacher Grand Master Tsai. You may also know that I had a Monk from the Shaolin Temple in China (the birthplace of martial arts), come to my home in Ojai CA and train me one on one in Kung Fu, Chi Gong, and Tai Chi. The Monk's name is Sifu Shi Yan Ming. He has a book called The Shaolin Workout. It is wonderful. 

He trained me in all the exercises in the book (and many more as well). This is not only an "exercise" book, FILLED with hundreds of pictures of the monk performing the movements. It is much more with the monks' words teaching you the philosophy of Chan Buddhism (Zen Buddhism) in a non-religious way. 

Even if you never did any of the exercises, but just read the words of the monk, you will gain tremendous benefits. You will be motivated, inspired and humbled by the life philosophy and way of thinking of someone who is truly a happy and blissful human being who loves everyone. 

Sifu greets you with a smile and "Merry Christmas! Happy New Year", because he believes every moment of every day is to be celebrated with joy.  If you do the exercise routines, you will get in better shape, faster, than any other kind of exercise routine. Strength, stamina, endurance, flexibility, balance, speed, physical grace and coordination will be the results you achieve. Your body will become lean. Your posture is better than ever. And your mind is calm, focused and relaxed. Check Sifu and the book out! 

Much love,