The Secret To Laughing That Creates Miracles In Your Life

Laughing is the best medicine for anything that ails you. 

No matter if you are physically sick, down in the dumps emotionally, or in financial ruin, nothing is better to "fix things up" than laughing. Laughing has amazing benefits to both the body and the mind. This has been scientifically proven to be fact. 

Laughing releases tension and stress. It calms the central nervous system. It slows and calms the mind. It releases endorphins into your body, which both help heal the body, while at the same time make you feel great. 

As the great Ed Foreman says, "Life is for laughing, loving, and living". Live the good life. It is your choice. The secret to laughing that creates miracles in your life is to make it a habit of laughing even when there does not seem to be a reason to laugh. 

THAT is the key. 

Laugh EVERY day.

Be the kind of person who laughs easily and often, and watch the miracles start to manifest in your life. 

Your friend,