Lazy Teachers

The Importance Of Always Being Teachable And Learning From People Who Truly Are Teachable Themselves

So many "experts" and teachers, trainers, and authors claim they have no time to train themselves, and claim they do not "need" any training, because they know enough already. They stopped learning and stopped being teachable. They claim to have all these years of "experience", when they really have only 1 or 2 years of experience repeated over and over. They actually have not grown or "really internally learned" anything new in many years.

What they teach has not passed the test of time. They simply read a book or go to a seminar and just start teaching that material as if it is fact. They mimic and parrot whatever they "learn" (hear), without putting it into practice themselves, and without gaining personal knowledge and inner experience with the material, or a complete sense of knowingness about the material. Does this sound like some people you might be "learning" from? Does this sound a little like you?
I encourage all of you to always remain humble, teachable and coachable. I encourage all of you to continue training, learning, growing, experiencing. I encourage all of you to never take anything I say or anyone says, or anything you read in a book or learn in a seminar or audio program as "fact", but rather test it out yourself. Get a personal experience from it.

Let it pass the test of time. Get a deep sense of understanding of the material and knowingness before you start to promote, or endorse anything. Always be learning (even from the ignorant). Always be growing. Always be expanding. Always be humble (even with the arrogant). Always be teachable (even from the fool or the know it all). Always be open (even from the closed minded). Always be tolerant (even from the intolerant and bigots). Always be loving, understanding, compassionate and accepting (even from the unloving, the hard headed snobs, the hateful, and the judgmental, critical, and condemning self-righteous zealots). 

You will be the wise one. You will be the happy one. You will be the enlightened one. You will live the life of your dreams in peace and contentment manifesting all your desires. You will have it all. 

Much love,