Live And Let Live

How Not Judging Others' Desires Will Help You Attain Your Desires More Quickly And Effortlessly

I am here, where I am. I created this experience. I called forth this experience. We all create the exact experiences we live, either by default (which means you are not consciously aware you are actually creating it) or by deliberate intent. 

Why would I deliberately "want/desire" my current experience (prison)? It is not for you to question another person's wants/desires. This is something most do, which causes people to be hindered in their ability to manifest what they really want, and instead keeps them getting what they do not want. My choice of what I want is my choice as your choice is your choice. YOU might want a family and lots of children. Someone else might choose to be single their whole life. YOU might want a Mercedes. Someone else might want to live in a city and enjoy not owning a car! (walking, taking public transportation and riding a bike!)

First, do not judge, criticize or condemn others' choices. Stop focusing on others and how they choose to live. Live your life, and let others live theirs. We all have different goals; objectives; desires; wants; dreams; and wishes. We all choose and like different things. That is why they have menus at restaurants. 

I am blissful right now where I am. I have no DESIRE to leave. I am enjoying every precious moment here in complete bliss. Being here and experiencing all this perfection, I can still, and do, allow this experience to conjure in my mind, my own personal "preferences", and even more desires and more choices. Thus, from this place I create on the blank canvas of my mind what I want "next". All the while, though, enjoying right now! And NOT caring about WHEN the "next" creation, choice, or preference will manifest. I know that I will not be "happier" when I am actually experiencing my next creation or desire or wish or dream or choice or preference. 

If I was drinking the finest Champagne, I would enjoy it immensely. After a while, I might think, "hmmmm the Champagne is heavenly, but now I CHOOSE (my preference) to have a glass of pure spring water". Life and experiences are the same way. 

Many men here say, "I cannot wait to get out! I will be happy WHEN I get out". I say, "It does not matter when I get out, I am enjoying this so much right now! I am happy right NOW!"

Understand that pure desire is always positive, not negative. When you have "pure" desire for something you do not have, you are still blissful in the moment, BEFORE you "have” what you now desire. Please all of you know that the greatest and highest "good" for me, and ALL is coming directly from THIS (my) current adventure! A few years from now, many will say, "If I knew what I know now back THEN, I would have felt different THEN." Get it? It is YOUR knowing that all is well right now that is the catalyst to create your NEXT desire or dream. Bottom happy right now!