Life As You See it #2

The Difference Between "Looking Within" And "Looking FROM Within"

If you want to feel good when things in your life make you feel bad, there is a secret. Life is as you choose to see it. Things in life are what you decide and agree that they are to you.

You can decide that rain is "bad weather". Or you can decide that rain is a wonderful blessing that should be celebrated and cheered. You can choose to have rain make you sad or you can choose to have rain make you ecstatic and happy. Focus your mind. Focus your thoughts.

Observe yourself from the place of your inner consciousness. Be the witness of "yourself" from the point of your inner true SELF. 

We are told by "experts" to "focus within". While "looking within" is wonderful, the magic will happen in your life when you "focus FROM within". You will then be focusing from the viewpoint and perspective of your true SELF. 
You will then be seeing everything from the perspective of "source". 

This viewpoint and perspective is something that few ever see the world from. When you do this, you always experience bliss, regardless of the external circumstances. 

Much love,