Living In The Moment

The Benefits Of Being Present

People take life too seriously. If you look at your thoughts throughout the day, almost all thoughts are about the past or the future. 

Even when you are thinking about something in the present you are comparing it to something in the past, or to what you want or do not want in the future. Most people have very few thoughts that are just in the moment. 

When you can live in the moment, it is called being mindful or mindfulness. You are really paying attention. You are in present time. You are not thinking about the past. You are not thinking about the future (what you want or do not want). You are fully present. You are childlike. You are playful. You live with a sense of wonder. You enjoy each experience no matter what it is! Just as a child. You have no cares about the future. You have no regrets about the past. This is a wonderful place to be. 

Try it and you will see! 

Much love...