Looking Inside Yourself

The Special State That You Can Achieve

People write me all the time saying things like "you must be so lonely there... you must be suffering...  you must be counting the days until your release... it must be so hard for you... etc. etc."

While I appreciate everyone’s concern for my mental, physical and emotional states, please know that I am not just doing ok, I am having the most wonderful time of my life! This to me is paradise.

Why? How can I say that? Easy. Every spiritual text says basically "everything is within you... the kingdom of God is within you... God lives within you as you... etc". So, when one can look within, and merge with that part of you that is the whole Universe, you experience peace, joy, ecstasy, and bliss that surpasses all human comprehension and understanding. 

The reason you cannot understand how I can be so happy right now, is because this state that I live in surpasses all human understanding. But YOU too can experience this amazing state of perpetual joy, happiness and ecstasy! Join me and I will help lead you to this place of total freedom on all levels and on all dimensions. Do so, and you will never be the same! 

Your friend,