Looking Within #2

Lasting Happiness And Where To Find It

Every person desires to be happy. Everyone in the universe is looking to first "survive", which increases their "happiness". 

Happiness, joy, bliss, and many other synonymous words (you can pick the word you want), is truly the "goal" of all humans. Every day we want to "feel better", to feel "good", to ultimately be happy. Most people try all kinds of things to be happy, from eating, drinking, drugs, sex, making money, going places, shopping, etc. Yet, although many of these things may give a person a temporary good feeling, it is never enough. It never truly satisfies us. Something is always still missing. And, those good feelings never last. They are fleeting. You feel good for a very short time, then, you are looking for happiness again. 

The truth is you are looking for happiness in all the wrong places. Happiness can never come from anything in the material world. Happiness lives within you at all times, more intense and glorious than you can ever imagine. Look within. Then all the other things will be added on into your life as you wish. 

Much love,