Love All

The Benefits Of Opening Your Heart

It is so easy to find goodness in everyone when your heart is open. It is easy to see Love shining from everyone and everything, giving YOU joy and peace. It is a magical experience. Mother Theresa said when she first went to the slums of Calcutta and experienced the poverty, sorrow, crime, sickness and hopelessness she wanted to run away and not deal with it or confront it. It was only after repeated exposure did she become “compassionate” and understanding to the people and really “love” everyone she met. Her heart opened. 

When YOU can experience compassion and understanding towards other humans without exception and when you can really feel unconditional “love” to all people without exception YOU magically change and your life magically changes. 

Feeling people’s pain and sorrows and fears has opened my heart to compassion, understanding, humility and love to levels I did not even know existed. Being totally nonjudgmental and instantly and effortlessly, seeing “love” in all I meet is heaven! I am so thankful for this gift that will be with me for the rest of my life. I am blessed. 

In YOUR life, look at people and try to feel more compassion, understanding, non-judgmental and then give them energetically “unconditional love”. Watch YOUR life become magical and enhanced more than you could ever imagine!

Love to all…