Love Is The Secret

The Power Of Unconditional Love

A very devout religious man had a son. The son grew up and was very religious his whole life, following his father's example. Father and son loved each other and were very close. 

As the young boy grew into a young man, he stopped being religious and gave up entirely on "God". The father was very upset about this and very upset with his son. The father would rebuke the son about his turning away from "God" and spiritual life. This caused father and son to become estranged. 

The father went to his "spiritual leader" and asked for help. 

The "sage" asked the father: "Did you love your son when he was religious?"

The father replied: "Yes, very much".

The "sage" then said: "You should love him more now."

Love will always do in time, what rebukes, judgments, condemning, and criticizing will never do, no matter how much "rebuking" one does.

Love is without condition and without exception. Otherwise, it is not love. 

Love heals all. 

Love is something you resonate. It is your vibration and frequency. It is not words or actions. 

Send "love" to your "loved ones" without condition and without exception. This is "loving" them.

In time, you will be able to "love" in this manner, everyone without condition and without exception.

That is when you will "know" the Truth, and the Truth will set you free.

Much LOVE to you all,