Love To Learn And Be Curious

The Common Denominators Of Successful People

A key common denominator in successful happy people is that they love to learn and are curious. 

Loving to learn means you know that you “don’t know, what you don’t know”. Read that again! Get it? 

A person who loves to learn reads, goes to seminars, attends workshops, is constantly making themselves better and “sharpening their ax”. 

Once it happened, a man came to a job interview and said he had 15 years of engineering experience. Upon examination, it was discovered that the man had 1 year of engineering experience, repeated 15 times! Think about that. The man stopped learning. He was stuck in the past. He stopped growing. When you stop growing, you start dying. 

Successful people are curious people. They ask questions. They want to understand things. They want to know how things work. They want to know WHY things work. 

I asked Grand Master Tsai once about “Chi” energy. He was about to answer my question, then simply asked me what time it was. I looked at my watch and told him the time. Grand Master Tsai smiled and said, “See, you don’t know exactly how the watch works, but you can still tell me the time.” We had a good laugh. This is true. 

However, it is also true that if you do know how something works, you have more power. Knowing how and why something is the way it is gives you knowingness, certainty, confidence and opens up a world of new possibilities. 

Be curious. Ask questions. Constantly learn. Have a high teachability index. Desire to learn. Want to learn. Lust for learning. 

Desire to get better. Have a willingness to accept changing your mind and your “beliefs”. Have full awareness that you don’t know what you don’t know. Be open and allowing. 

Have these traits, watch your life get better in every aspect, and may you never be the same.

Much love,