Magnificent Obsession

The Importance Of Having A Single Focused Commitment In Order To Get What You Want

One person with a commitment can achieve more than 1000 people with an interest. 

One person with an obsession can achieve anything.

This is the single greatest secret to success in any endeavor. When a person is totally obsessed with achieving his goal, he does all the right things long enough consistently. He vibrates the right frequency that causes the Universe to attract and manifest his desire into physical reality. Although it might not appear so to others, he in fact feels good, even though he does not yet have his dream. 

While it does not seem so to those observing, he has in fact surrendered to the Universe and is in the state of allowing. 

Think about this. 

Obsession is singleness of purpose. It is more than total commitment. It is the ONE definite desire where almost 100% of the person's focus and attention is directed. The greater your obsession, the faster you will attain your desire. 

Get a magnificent obsession and make your dreams come true! 

Much love,