Manifesting Secret

Here Is A Secret To Manifesting Your Desires. If A Specific Event Can Make You Feel A Certain Way, Then Feeling That Same Way Will Make That Specific Event Happen In Your Life

Here is a secret to manifesting your desires. Think about this fact. If a specific event can make you feel a certain way, then feeling that same way will make that specific event happen in your life. That is the secret to creating what you want to experience in your life. Think of what you desire. IF you had that RIGHT now, how would you feel? You would feel GOOD! 

Then FEEL that right now while thinking of your desire. Do that right before you go to bed. Drift off to sleep FEELING the FEELINGS you WOULD have IF you HAD what you desire NOW. In time... you WILL HAVE it in your experience. More on these mysteries and exactly HOW to do it are in the Science of Personal Mastery Course.  

Much love from the front lines!